Yamaha's Small Group Competition Success: Janus and the Roman Empire


Yamaha's Small Group Competition in the summer of 2023 showcased the remarkable capabilities of the Plant 2 ROV team. By leveraging ergonomics and systems planning, they successfully transformed the door installation station, enhancing workstations, and streamlining processes. Their outstanding improvements, such as enhanced line efficiency, reduced changeover time, and improved cycle time, resulted in substantial cost savings for the company. The Plant 2 ROV team's victory stands as a testament to their unwavering dedication and innovative spirit, reinforcing Yamaha's position as an industry leader. Congratulations to the Plant 2 ROV team, "Janus and the Roman Empire," on their well-deserved success!

Among the participants, the Plant 2 ROV team emerged victorious, securing a well-deserved win. Their outstanding achievement lay in reducing cycle time at the station responsible for installing doors on the Recreational Offroad Vehicle assembly line. By leveraging ergonomics and meticulous systems planning, the team devised improved workstations and implemented custom racks, resulting in enhanced efficiency and remarkable cost savings.

Enhancing Workstations and Streamlining Processes:
The Plant 2 ROV team took on the challenge of optimizing the assembly line's door installation station. Recognizing the importance of ergonomics, they designed workstations tailored to the needs of individual team members. By ensuring each worker had designated spaces and easy access to materials and tools, the team fostered a streamlined environment for assembling doors. These enhancements significantly reduced the time required to safely complete this crucial component of the production process.

Impressive Improvements and Cost Savings:
The efforts of the Plant 2 ROV team yielded impressive results across various key metrics. The most notable improvements include a staggering 229% boost in line efficiency, demonstrating the team's commitment to maximizing productivity. Additionally, changeover time experienced a commendable 44.62% reduction, leading to smoother transitions between tasks. Moreover, the team achieved an 18% improvement in cycle time, indicating significant time savings in the door assembly process.

The culmination of these advancements translated into substantial financial benefits for Yamaha. The Plant 2 ROV team's exceptional performance resulted in a remarkable total savings of $264,405.01. Their dedication and ingenuity not only improved operational efficiency but also generated tangible cost savings, further bolstering Yamaha's competitive edge.

Celebrating Success: "Janus and the Roman Empire":
The Plant 2 ROV team embraced their triumph with a fitting name, "Janus and the Roman Empire." Inspired by Janus, the Roman god of doors, the team symbolized their commitment to revolutionizing the door installation process. This creative and meaningful name served as a testament to their unity, expertise, and determination to excel

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